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Make Death A Little Easier.

We take the stress out of planning for death and support you through the chaos of loss – so you can focus on what’s really important.

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Because death is tough enough already.
We know, because we’ve been there.

Sam’s mum died suddenly in a car crash in 2016. Like most of us, Sam’s mum hadn’t put a plan in place.

Grief was tough enough without all of the other stuff that came with it – the legal and financial paperwork, organising the funeral, and keeping friends and family updated. It was overwhelming.

Sam knew he was not alone.

So he created Guardian Angel, to fix the problem.

We use technology and our own experiences of loss to make planning ahead for death simpler and dealing with loss easier.

So that no one else has to go through the unnecessary stresses that make losing someone you love even harder.

Meet the team.

We're breathing some much needed life to the death industry.

Photo of Sam
Sam Founder & CEO
Photo of Dylan
Dylan Head of Sales
Photo of Eliza
Eliza Head of Brand & Growth Marketing
Photo of Laura
Laura Head of Legal
Photo of Eiriel
Eiriel Senior Design Manager
Photo of Imogen
Imogen Senior Product Manager
Photo of Katie
Katie Senior Partnerships Marketing Manager
Photo of Suzanne
Suzanne Partnerships Manager
Photo of Zana
Zana Wills Specialist
Photo of Sarah
Sarah Wills Specialist
Photo of Joe
Joe Charity Partnerships
Photo of Charlie
Charlie Charity Partnerships
Photo of Rashawn
Rashawn Estate Planner
Photo of Ben
Ben Lead Developer
Photo of Jose
Jose Frontend Developer
Photo of Heather
Heather Software Developer
Photo of Hayden
Hayden Founder's Associate
Photo of Chris
Chris Senior Software Developer
Photo of June
June Senior Probate Solicitor

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