About us

Guardian Angel was started to help people through, and plan for, death.

In December 2016 our founder Sam lost his mother tragically in a car accident. The support from family and friends that followed the accident was amazing. But managing that support together with the funeral and wake proved difficult. It was during this challenging time that Sam came up with the ideas of making a secure and private online service specially designed to help families through these hard times.

Death is a taboo, and for this reason, discussion on the topic is often limited. In times of grief, there is a lack of communication and people tend to withdraw, struggling to cope with what they are experiencing. This lack of discussion around death also means that people generally do not plan, leaving the family who is left behind with more stress.

Guardian Angel believes it can make a positive and long-lasting contribution to society. By helping to break down the taboo attached to dying, we want to help everybody plan for, and through death.

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