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WHSmith Will Kit

A WHSmith will kit is a basic will template for simple wills that you can buy from WHSmith. It can be used to help write your own will so that you’re not starting from scratch. They are cheap to purchase, but they are less reliable and more one-size-fits-all. This makes them harder to personalise and more open to challenges or confusion later down the line.

Remember, if a WHSmith DIY will kit doesn't work for you, and paying a solicitor is too expensive, there are other options. For example you can always write an online will for just £90 with Guardian Angel in as little as 15 minutes. You get an easy to use step-by-step process, on-hand expert support but without the costs of going to a solicitor.

Are wills from WHSmith legal?

Wills from WHSmith are legal, as long as it is: - Signed by you - Witness by two adults In theory, you could write a will on a napkin and it would be legally binding if signed with two witnesses. However, in practice, that kind of approach won’t be suitable for everyone.

Can I use a DIY will kit from WHSmith?

A DIY will kit from WHSmith is only recommended for the simplest of cases. They’re not recommended if any of the following apply to you: - You own Property - You have any beneficiaries under the age of 18 years - Your will is even a bit complex, involving more than one beneficiary - You’re new to wills and aren’t quite sure how to write one - You want to leave a secure legacy that won’t be open to challenge or confusion

WHSmith Will pack review

There are pros to a WHSmith will pack: - Cheap - Widely available from your local WHSmith - Can write your will from the comfort of your own home - They’re better than starting from scratch, without any template

However there are some cons to them that are worth considering, and they’re not for everyone.

- They are only relevant in the most simple of cases - Limited ability to personalise your wishes - You can’t ask questions or get legal support if you need it - You won’t know if it’s clear or if it has any errors until it’s too late - Can leave loved ones confused or in disagreement about the meaning of the will, causing additional cost and worry in the long run - Higher risk of being contested or deemed invalid

How does the WHSmith will writing kit compare to other options?

The WHSmith will writing kit might work if you have a good understanding of legal terminology and you only require a simple will. If this isn’t the case it is worth considering other alternatives to a WHSmith DIY will kit, to make sure your wishes are met when you die. We’ve laid them out below:

1. Online Will Writing with services such as Guardian Angel

WHEN SHOULD I USE THIS? If you like that post office wills are affordable and easy to do but are worried that writing it yourself could leave you with more problems in the future.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? As little as 15 minutes.

EXPERT SUPPORT: Yes. The process is built by legal experts to avoid any issues later down the line. You get live on-hand legal support when you're writing your will in case you have any questions. Finally, once you’re done our team of will experts will review your will to check everything is ship-shape.

COST: Only £90.

CAN I CHANGE MY WILL ONCE IT’S DONE? Yes. You can edit your will online anytime. This is free for the first year and only £10 per year after that.

IS IT LEGALLY BINDING: Yes. When signed by you with 2 adult witnesses.


- On-hand expert legal support.

- The assurance your will is ship-shape and that your wishes will be followed.

- Personalised to you and your wishes.

- An easy step-by-step process that only takes 15 minutes.

- Sort-from-the-sofa-friendly.

- Much cheaper than a solicitor. Guardian Angel’s online will is only £90.

- Make updates any time.


- Doesn’t cover assets outside of England and Wales.

- Online will writing isn’t made for complex wills.

Start your will online here.

2. Working with solicitors or lawyers

WHEN SHOULD I USE THIS? If you have a very large and/or complicated estate or if you have foreign assets outside of England and Wales.

COST: Tends to be between £130-1,000 depending on how complex your will is.

CAN I CHANGE MY WILL ONCE IT’S DONE? Yes but any amends tend to cost up to £100.

IS IT LEGALLY BINDING: Yes. When signed by you with 2 adult witnesses.


- Expert legal support.

- The assurance your will is ship-shape and that your wishes will be followed.

- Personalised to you and your wishes.

- Especially good for complex wills.


- More expensive.

- This process can take longer, involving meetings and lots of back and forth. If you think you need a complex will you can call Guardian Angel’s wills team on 0800 773 4014 for more guidance.