Leaving a legacy to a charity has never been easier

Help your supporters leave a gift in their will and support your cause in the years to come

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Why partner with Guardian Angel?

Our mission is to help people plan for and manage death - so we’ve made it easy to write a will online and give people peace of mind. We’re proud to work with close to 100 charities of all sizes across the UK - whose supporters have pledged millions of pounds so far. We offer online, over the phone and face to face will writing services.

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How does it work?


Keep your supporters online

By offering an online will you can make the supporter journey frictionless. If supporters want a traditional method, we can help here as well.


Stay top of mind

Our customised journey for your supporters allows them to easily leave you a legacy. In 2020, 1 in 3 supporters did just that!


See the results, live

With real-time data reporting, you can see key statistics and detailed insights on gifts & demographics - all at the click of a button

“Really easy to set up and the team have been incredibly supportive… as a result of our partnership, over 40% of the people who’ve made their will online have left a legacy gift”

St Barnabas Hospice, Lincoln