Provide Holistic Support
For Your Families.

By creating online Support Hubs, you can give your families immediate practical support and a sense of community that lasts long after the funeral has been and gone.

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What are  Support Hubs?

Support Hubs help manage the chaos that comes with losing someone.

They offer tools to help your families:

Share Memories.

Share photos and messages to celebrate the person they love.

Share Funeral Information.

They'll save time, sharing all their updates in one place.

Create To-Do Lists.

They can delegate tasks so they can focus on what’s important.

Space Out Deliveries.

To stop them being swamped by flower and food deliveries.

Raise Money For Charity.

In memory of their loved one and the causes they cared most about.

Carve Out Visiting Times.

As well as times just with their closest family.

How can they help you and your families?

We work with Funeral Directors of all shapes and sizes across the UK to help provide holistic support and care to your families.

We help you.

Offer added value to your families.

By giving them holistic support that lasts long after the funeral has been and gone.

Digitise charitable donations.

Saving you time and energy that you can redirect elsewhere.

Complement your existing offering.

Online communities can open up new kinds of support in an increasingly digital age.

Gain free brand exposure.

Each Support Hub allows you to reach an average of 332 visitors, at zero cost to you.

By doing the work for you.

We integrate Support Hubs to your website for FREE, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

We help your families.

Celebrate and honour their loved ones.

By creating a safe space to share stories, photos, and raise money for charity.

Save time and stress.

We streamline communication and plan out support to ease the burden on your families.

Feel supported.

Families can choose who to invite, creating close private and supportive communities.

Include those that can’t make the funeral.

Support Hubs allow people to grieve from afar. Before, during and after the funeral.

Grieve in their own time.

Grief isn’t linear. Families can (and do) come back to the Support Hub at any time.

Offer Support Hubs to your families today.

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Let the numbers do the talking.

Families activate their Support Hubs.

Families use a Support Hub when it is created for them.


Average visitors to each Support Hub. The record number of visitors to a single Support Hub is 3,000.


Average times a Support Hub member returns to check funeral details or share memories.

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Record amount of money raised for a charity via a Support Hub.

Don’t listen to us.
Listen to our customers.

Loss made easier.
By people who’ve been through it.

Sam founded Guardian Angel after his Mum died in 2016. We’ve experienced first-hand how chaotic and overwhelming loss can be.

Our mission is to make other people’s experience of loss easier. That is why we built the Support Hubs, they’re the tool we wished we’d had.

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Want to make life easier for your families?

Book in a quick, zero-obligation call with our team today. You can talk through your challenges and we can see how we might be able to help.