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We’re here to help you connect with your clients and add value through community-based servicing.

Help Your Clients Connect

Send Flowers

Send staggered flowers, to remove waste and allow the family to enjoy them in the weeks to come.


Allow your families to share photos, post memories and communicate in private. No more public obituaries or social media!


Share funeral related tasks with your family in a private, secure and digital environment.


Update the network about visiting times, events or deadlines.


All funeral information can be posted, viewed, updated, and discussed here.

Partnering with Guardian Angel is fast, easy, and secure. After you complete the Sign-Up Process, we gain not just one more outstanding Funeral Home in our network, but a team member too.

Why Guardian Angel?

Times are changing, and families are heading to the internet for help. We're committed to helping you provide the best possible service to your clients in this digital sphere.

Excellent Customer Service and Support

The funeral care industry is all about relationships, and Guardian Angel puts customer service at the highest possible level. This includes both your customers, who can contact us any time day or night, and our partnered Funeral Directors.

Organization and To-Do Lists

People have become comfortable in the digital world. Guardian Angel allows the Funeral Director to share funeral related jobs with the families digitally. This does not replace your one on one contact, simply gives an option to the family. Guardian Angel alerts the family when these need to be completed and you can manage multiple families at once!

Funeral Information

Give families a private and secure forum to share funeral information. You care about your service, and your information will be provided to the family network.

Event-Scheduler and Calendar

Whether it is spreading the ashes, or a memorial event in months to come. Once a Guardian Angel account has been created, they remain in place forever. Families can share these events with one, easy to make update.

And most of all, we help your clients cope.

Join us today and find out how we’re revolutionizing the funeral industry one family, one community, and one life at a time.

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