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Why write a will online?

Expert approval

Every will is double-checked by an in-house will expert.

It takes only 15 minutes

Provide us with your information, we take care of the rest.

Keep your will up to date

Make as many updates as you want for just £10 per year.

No upsells, no fear tactics

Our company’s ethos is support over pressure. No fear tactics, no upsells.

We are here to help write your perfect will.

Let's get started

How to use Guardian Angel's will writing service


Complete the questionnaire

To make your will online, we need to know about your family and your wishes. This process is straight forward and takes about 15 minutes.


Submit your information

No phone calls or house visits. Submit your information online and we take care of the rest.


Chat with our team

We are here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions you can call us or chat with us online.


Print and sign

We will send you your completed will within 7 days so you can print it and then follow our instructions to make it legally binding.


Make updates anytime

Life circumstances can change, and your will may need to change too. You can update your information at any time for just £10 a year.

Advantages of a Guardian Angel online will

Protect your loved ones

A Guardian Angel online will allows you to select a guardian for children and pets, and set wishes in place for after you are gone.

Choose your inheritors

A person who dies without a will is called intestate. If this happens the government decide how your assets will be divided.

Leave keepsakes

After you’re gone, your loved ones will treasure the things that remind them of you. Decide who receives what and leave them a loving message.

Donate to charity

This is a growing desire, and very easy to do in our will. Choose a charity, and leave them some money or a percentage of your estate.

We’re here for you, and can help any time.

  • Online support
  • Phone support
  • Expert review

We are here to help write your perfect will.

Let's get started

FAQs on making an online will

Can you make an online will?

Yes, you can make an online will. Writing your will, like most things in the world has gone digital. Our online system was created by lawyers and saves you time and money when making your will. Additionally, for peace of mind, your online will is checked by our expert team who are available when you need help.

Can you write your own online will?

Yes it’s possible to write your will. Most DIY options are one size fits all. The benefit of writing an online will is that your will is tailored to the information you provide.

Can you write your online will without a solicitor?

Yes, and it’s completely legal. Your online will is created by our solicitor-approved system and was drafted by our legal team. It just requires you to input your own details to be completed.

There are some cases where you may want to seek legal advice. If you have a complicated or larger estate then you may need a complex will. If you think this might be you, then you can speak to our wills team completely free at 0800 773 4014. They can help you find the best option for getting your will sorted.

How much does your online will cost?

The cost of doing your will with a lawyer or solicitor could be around £150-£300. If you need a complex will it could cost upto £300-£1,000 depending on your circumstances.

In addition to this, if you ever needed to update your will you would be charged either for a new will or for a simple addition that could cost up to £100. When you write an online will it costs just £90 and we have a £10 a year subscription that gives you unlimited updates so that your will is always relevant to your circumstance.

What does our online will yearly subscription include?

  • Unlimited updates. You can update and amend your online will at any time, no need for a codicil.
  • Physical storage (optional). We can store your online will for you if you do not want to do this yourself.
  • New Products. Getting a online will is just the start of end-of-life planning and Guardian Angel plans to release more products in this space. Our subscribers will get first access to these and at discounted rates.
  • Keep updated. Our advisors are experts of the law and if there are any legislation changes we'll update you.
  • No pressure. You can cancel any time - just contact us to let us know by phone, email or live chat.

What if you need to update your online will?

With Guardian Angel, you can update your online will any time. If you use a lawyer, you will need to redo your will from scratch or write what lawyers call a codicil. A codicil is basically a legally binding addition / modification to your will.

What is an online mirror will?

Mirror wills are simply clone wills for couples. More popular and relevant now is just a simple will for both partners. Getting your online will as a couple in this way means that they can be updated more easily and also reflect any personal wishes one may have. Our couples will package costs £135, instead of £90 for each will.

What is included when I buy an online will with you?

  • A legally binding online will. Our tool takes the answers you'd normally provide a lawyer, and uses them to create a personalised will that is legally binding once signed and witnessed.
  • Your online will is checked. Our in-house expert reads over it and checks that everything is correct. We'll return your will within 7 days. If we have any questions we'll contact you by email.
  • Live support. Our experts are by your side for when you need them.

What kind of will do I need?

There are two types of will: simple and complex. A simple will is our most popular will; which lets you name executors, nominate guardians for children and pets, and divide out your estate as you wish.

Our online will is designed to let you make your will with ease. You can do it from the comfort of your own home in just 15 minutes and save money on getting a solicitor to simply fill in a will template for you.

If you think you require a complex will, then you can speak to our wills team for free at 0800 773 4014. This may be the case if you have assets overseas or a particularly large estate.

What should you include in your online will?

Our system breaks down your online will step by step. We ask you about yourself and your family, your assets and how you would like them to be divided, and the people who you want to execute your online will.

If you have children under the age of 18 you can add guardians in your online will. Appointing a guardian for your children in your will means that they will be looked after in case the worst happens.

We also ask several optional questions about any funeral wishes you may have and any specific gifts or messages you would like to leave.

When do I need to write an online will?

We believe that every adult in the country should sort their online will, long before it's neccessary.But, it becomes even more important when you have children, own sizable assets, or have a large family.

Why is an online will important?

There are both financial and non-financial benefits of sorting your online will.

  • Financially, dying without your will in place is called dying intestate and can cost your family thousands after you have passed away.

  • Non-financially, having your online will in place can reduce family disagreements, ensure your assets go where you want them to, help plan your funeral, and allocate specific gifts.

It’s never too late to get started.

We take the stress out of making a will. With Guardian Angel, you can privately prepare your will at your own pace.