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    Guardian Angel is a free platform, designed to offer function help and support to the recently bereaved. Guardian Angel allows you to create an account within minutes, and share this with your friends and family on Facebook, email or by text message. We leave the WHO up to you, and we make this possible!

    Forums, like social media websites and public obituaries, are public, often with little control given to the family in regards to privacy. Our networks are private and secure and the data is yours.

    Following the death of a loved one, a family has to suddenly change gear and organise an enormous amount quickly. Guardian Angel is a platform that helps make the chaos manageable and structured. We aim to do that in several ways.

    Private Communication

    In 2018, privacy is important to people. Currently, people share their support on public social media websites, like Facebook, or on one of the many funeral obituary websites. This is old technology, with (the world’s largest obituary software provider) being founded in 1998, that is before Facebook! This sat a bit uneasy with us at Guardian Angel, and therefore we created a private and secure place where you can share memories, photos and updates. You can control who sees this, and for how long.

    You can do this on your Family Wall, and these messages will be available to you as long as you require. Many websites try and charge families for this ‘privilege’ months after the passing, and we think this is unacceptable. These are your memories, photos and comments. Why should we ever charge you for this!

    Family To-Do List

    There is a lot to do following the death of a loved one. At Guardian Angel, we know how hard this can be and are here to help. Your Family To-Do allows to you manage all the tasks and ask your friends for help.

    Let us use an example. Say your relative is arriving at the airport tomorrow at 7pm. You can share that you need someone to pick them up, your friends and family see this request, and can accept the job. Easy as that!

    Your friends will want to help you, and many will ask “is there anything I can do to help”. Our users love this feature, as it also allows them to plan out what needs to be done in a digital environment, no more lists on paper that you can easily lose.

    Your Funeral Director can also add funeral related tasks to this list. But they are private, with only you and your family allowed to view these tasks.

    Coordinate Support

    When you are struggling with bereavement, your friends and family will create a support bubble around you. It is what they do. Often, families receive a lot of flowers and food in the first few weeks. Although this is a lovely gesture, it often all arrives at once.

    Guardian Angel allows your friends and family to send this support, but we coordinate it, taking this stress away from you.

    Private Funeral Information

    We know you want to share the funeral location with as many people as you can. People want to pay their respects. However, Guardian Angel believes you should be able to control this. This private information should not be available to just anyone. Guardian Angel allows you to control access to this information, and hold it in a private and secure location.

    Key Times

    Although there are times when you welcome guests, there are other times when you might prefer to be alone. We know you have to contact many people, so our ‘Key Times’ function allows you to share this information with all your friends and family at once.

    A common time for being alone is whilst the family is writing the eulogy. Eulogies are meaningful. Simply add a “No guests please” to your Key Times, and everyone will receive an alert. Other Key Times often shared by our support hubs include spreading the ashes, birthday memorials and even the wake.

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